Used as decoration for clothing.

Piping Cord

Piping cord is a thin, round cotton rope made especially for sewing. It comes in a variety of thicknesses, depending on how full you want your finished piping to be.

Decorative cord

Finding their usage in varied applications like as embellishment in home furnishings & apparels, for gift packaging or as handles for bags


Cotton cord is the preferable option in the apparel market for its soft feel and is the choice for environmentally conscience applications. As a natural fiber, cotton cord can be dyed for color matching.


We offer both elastic nylon cords and non-elastic nylon cords in a variety of diameters, colors, and stretch levels, and with multiple nylon material options.


We offer cord polyester in elastic and non elastic styles. Multiple colors are available, as well as custom colors.


Polypropylene cord is an excellent choice for use as draw cord, tie down cords, or in apparel applications such as jacket cords. We offer polypropylene cord on spools or pre-fabricated and cut to length in hot-cut pieces or cut-and-tipped pieces.

Sample of Cords